Stranded at the Drive-Ins

Ridiculously Retro

At the Drive-Ins they are having a « Retro Experience » and playing old-style movies each Saturday Night over a few months!
Blacktown Skyline Drive-in

The retro experience at the drive-in. Website:

It was so much fun watching Grease at the drive-ins (even though I had just watched it 2 weeks prior lol)! There were so many vintage cars, hot rods and rockabilly people everywhere. It was such a fun night.

Waiting for the movie to begin

Grease playing at the drive-in

The old speaker boxes for your car window

There is also a retro diner to purchase all your snacks. It has great food with a retro atmosphere!

Photos in the diner.
Last 2 photos:

It was such a ridiculously retro night. I would recommend it to everyone who would love to experience the retro lifestyle! I already booked to see American Graffiti in a few weeks…

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